Let’s Talk Money

Money can often be a tricky subject to discuss. For various reasons it’s often the biggest stumbling block that I encounter when working with business owners and yet when we do talk about money it’s liberating. Being able to completely understand your precise financial position presents opportunities.

Since the pandemic money has become an even bigger issue. Firstly for those that are struggling to manage and secondly for others that are making so much money that it’s hard to know where to invest for the best growth opportunities.

Whatever your situation you’ll need to make plans. The world has shifted, consumer demands are changing and trends are emerging. To stay relevant to your customers your business needs to evolve too.

It’s time to review, recover and rebuild.

In my money talk I’ll be discussing

  1. The importance of getting to grips with your financials and staying on top of them.
  2. How to establish a strong financial management framework within your business.
  3. Which documents you’ll need to have including a cashflow forecast and P&L statements to ensure you know your current position.
  4. Where and how to identify opportunities for business growth using your financial data.

My Money talk is filled with great stories, valuable insights and practical steps to help you embrace the opportunities that will transform your business growth.

My style is upbeat, no-nonsense, with a blend of humour and empathy. I’ll talk you through the highs and lows while giving you and your team loads of great ideas and practical steps to discuss long after we’ve said goodbye.

To find out about me talking to you and your team, contact 07592 691699 or email businessgrowth@actioncoach.com

In my focus on all things ‘money’ in business, my coaching covers the following areas:


Cash flow

Lending/funding sources

Management buy outs / EOTs

Selling a business


Mergers and acquisitions




We increased business growth by 83% and significantly improved cash flow management. (Andrew Grant, Aspire Construction)

Selling a business – a financial and business perspective with Phil Budd and David Scrivener, Corporate Finance Partner, Ensors




Andrew Grant discusses how business coaching led to better cash flow


My thoughts on understanding the financial health of your business - Phil Budd

Do you know the financial health of your business?

Let’s talk money. Yes, I know, it’s awkward, uncomfortable and, for many business owners, uncertain. I’m not just talking about struggling businesses, either; even successful companies aren’t always clear on their exact numbers. It isn’t good.

It is probably the biggest stumbling block I experience when speaking with business owners. For some, it may be a case of not having enough time; for others, they don’t understand the importance, and for others, they simply don’t understand.

Through no fault of their own, they have just been too busy making the business work, focused elsewhere on customers, employees and getting sales. BUT, at some point, the situation needs to be addressed.

The great thing is when you embrace your financials, you’ll begin to see and feel your business potential with clarity and positivity. Despite the fact, if the numbers are black or red, they provide opportunities.

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