The Impact Of Coaching

I coach to outcomes, outcomes defined by my clients, that we agree before we go ahead.

There are a number of different High Performance coaching programmes available and of course, we will only be discussing which programme is right for you and asking for a investment, if two things are right:

1) You see value in what we do, and;

2) I feel that you are the type of client that could be successfully coached.

121 coaching

Tailored coaching sessions

121 coaching is tailored specifically to your individual and business needs. The programme includes 24 scheduled coaching sessions throughout the year and we will allocate up to 1 hr to ensure we have a focused and productive session. At the end of each session, you will document the key actions and goals agreed upon. All regular coaching sessions are held on zoom with the exception of the Alignment session which will be conducted face to face.



90 day planning session

Every 90 days my clients are invited to attend a 90 day planning session called GrowthCLUB. The purpose of this session is to reflect on the last 90 days, create clear goals for the next 90 days and document the actions you need to take to achieve those goals.This is included as part of the 121 coaching programme and gives you the opportunity to meet and talk to other business owners and share experiences. I also offer GrowthCLUB as a standalone coaching programme for non 121 clients to attend.

Executive coaching 

Helping you reach your full potential

Coaching team members can be a very effective way of accelerating how quickly you can move your business forward.  The structure to coaching comes down to how quickly you want to see results which is impacted by the frequency of the sessions. Most clients find that two sessions per month allow enough time to work on the things we discuss and at the same time remain focussed.

Alignment session 

Annual planning session

The alignment session is all about getting clarity on what you want from your business and putting in place a plan for your business that delivers what you want. During this 5 hr session, I will help guide and coach you to create a clear vision for you and your business, with documented personal and business goals for the next 3 -5 years. To achieve these goals, we will identify the challenges and opportunities in the business that need to be addressed within the next 12- 18 months and the strategies that are going to help you.