How has the role of leadership changed post-pandemic?

Today’s successful leaders are values-driven and purpose-led, are you?

How can you lead your team to adapt and evolve for continued growth?

Let’s talk about leadership today and the changing role post-Pandemic, Brexit, hybrid working, and digitalisation acceleration.

77% of CEOs say their purpose has helped them understand what they need to do to meet the needs of stakeholders, employees, communities, customers, partners and investors. (KPMG.)

 The past 24 months have challenged even the most adept leaders. No matter how skilled, experienced or resilient, it has been a tumultuous ride for every business leader.

The question now is: How will they lead their organisations moving forward?

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with and watched some of the best leaders you could imagine. However, the past 36 months would have tested even the very best.

I’ve studied, listened and advised on leadership success throughout this pandemic and now want to share with you my findings.

The most successful leaders understood their purpose from the outset, assimilated their ideas quickly and identified the most effective means of communication to distribute information.

They are values-driven and purpose-led.

I have launched a series of talks designed to appeal to business owners and boards who have big ambitions but are unsure HOW and WHERE to begin making the necessary changes that deliver real results in terms of Increased revenue, Better ROI and Predictable Profits.

My Leadership talk discusses the Uncommon Traits of the Successful Leader, post-pandemic.

It’s filled with great stories, valuable insights and practical steps to help you embrace the opportunities that will transform your business growth

My style is upbeat, no-nonsense, with a blend of humour and empathy. I’ll talk you through the highs and lows while giving you and your team loads of great ideas and practical steps to discuss long after we’ve said goodbye.

To find out about me talking to you and your team, contact 07592 691699 or email

In my focus on ‘leadership,’ my coaching covers the following areas:



Succession planning

Developing a coaching style

Emotional intelligence

Styles of leadership

Support for you/delegation




Learning to say no

Teaching staff to take ownership


Team meetings

Decision making

Delegation and letting go

My thoughts on Leadership - Phil Budd

COVID-19’s speed and scale bred uncertainty and emotional disruption. How organizations communicate about it can create clarity, build resilience, and catalyze positive change. (

The last couple of years has delivered dramatic shifts in the business landscape. From boom and bust, remote working, digital acceleration and simply the need to prioritise the health and wellbeing of people, leaders have been pushed to their limits.

Working with businesses throughout the pandemic has shown me that even the best leaders have dramatically shifted their approach to the business and their people, both customers and employees. But it’s the way they handled their priorities with decisive action and clarity of communication that made the biggest difference.

“Hard choices need to be made, never more so than during a crisis. Keep those choices or priorities, hyper clear." (Gartner)

Having to dramatically shift gears, taking rapid and decisive action based on very little information is not for the faint of heart. It’s been hard work and emotionally challenging for everyone, but I’ve also found it fascinating as I became aware of the seemingly uncommon traits that they all share.

I’m going to share with you the characteristics I’ve identified with my own clients but on the world stage of leadership too, the key differentiators to successful leadership throughout the pandemic and as we begin to emerge.

But, before I begin, it’s worth noting that many of these traits are rarely successful in isolation. They are usually paired with another key trait to ensure leadership excellence. For example, clarity with effective communication or candour with EQ.

Today’s successful leaders are values-driven and purpose-led.

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