What you can expect, and what are the next steps?

If you would like to find out how coaching could help you and your business, now’s the time for you to request a complimentary coaching session with me. During your 2 hour session, we will discuss your vision for the business, any challenges you have and the changes you would like to see, that will support the growth in your business.

The session will give you the opportunity to experience my style of coaching, understand my values and identify if I am the right coach to help you and your team.

There will be three possible outcomes from the session:

1. We identify through the discussion that you don’t need ongoing coaching or I am not the right coach for you and your team

2. Coaching your team will help you achieve your vision quicker – we then look at what coaching programme will be right for your business

3. You and your team will benefit from coaching – we then look at what coaching programme will be right for your business

Does that sound fair?

If so, the next step is to register your details and Lizzie my Assistant will be in contact to schedule your 2 hr session.

In the meantime please watch this video for an overview of what a coaching session involves.

Book your complimentary session

A free 2 hour coaching session with Phil Budd

How will your complimentary business coaching session work?

Step 1: Tell us about your business


Before we even begin to think about coaching your business, we have to make sure you are not wasting your time with business coaching.

After you submit your request, my Assistant Lizzie will give you a call and ask you to complete a simple Business Questionnaire so we can find out some basic information about your business and how you run it.

Please note: we cannot proceed with your complimentary coaching session until you fill out the questionnaire.

Step 2: Let's have a conversation


The next step in the process will be a 30 minute Zoom call.

I will talk to you briefly about your business and get more of a feel for what kind of coaching you and your business will require.

During this call, I will also confirm a date, time and location for your full business coaching session.

Step 3: Have your complimentary coaching session


It will then be time to have your 1 hour 30 minute coaching session.

All my coaching takes place virtually. You will experience, on Zoom, what it is like to have a coaching session.

This session will be a mixture of business training and some practical work. As we have asked for your business details, this will be a very bespoke session using your specific numbers.

You will not only leave with strategies and projections for growth that directly apply to your business, but you will also see examples of dashboards and trackers relevant to your business, and be given practical operations advice.

I ask that all the decision makers in the business attend this session.

Step 4: Decide What Your Next Step Is


After the session, if you decide that business coaching isn’t right for you that is totally fine. It certainly isn’t for everyone, nor for every business.

However, if you find it would make sense to continue with exploring growth strategies, improving your team performance, and overall becoming a better leader through business coaching, we can then discuss what level of coaching you will need.

We do not have fixed business coaching courses that we push business owners into. You will receive a bespoke programme according to the level of commitment that will help you succeed – and sometimes this may include coaching with your team as well.

It all depends on what level you are at, what level you want to get to, and how fast you want to get there.