Are you ready to be the very best?

Achieve those goals that seem just out of your grasp?

Define the non-negotiables in your life?

Whether you’re leading a team, part of it, or a business owner, you can learn what it takes to become a high performer, develop habits for life and create a vision of the future that works for you and the business.

Long-term business success is achieved by high performance teams: dedicated, focused and driven individuals that come together to achieve a common goal aligned by the same values and commitment to achieve something greater than themselves.

Despite the pandemic, I’ve helped business owners and their teams consistently deliver high performance results.

In my 2020 growth programme, I helped my clients win 4,435 new customers, realise a 44% increase in profit and a 58% uplift in turnover.

If you want to learn what it takes to achieve high performance for you or your team, I’ll be discussing how you can transform your own learning into creating a high performance culture within your business.

High-performers are not born; they are conditioned by habit. (Brendon Burchard)

My high performance talk is filled with great stories, valuable insights and practical steps to help you embrace the opportunities that will transform your business growth.

My style is upbeat, no-nonsense, with a blend of humour and empathy. I’ll talk you through the highs and lows while giving you and your team loads of great ideas and practical steps to discuss long after we’ve said goodbye.

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In my focus on ‘high performance,’ my coaching covers the following areas:

Dealing with overwhelm


Time management

Developing new habits



Managing FEAR

Training, professional development

Goal setting


We have grown, and as a business owner, I have grown in strength. (Letitia Randell, LRPM)

Resilience in a relentless environment – my webinar addresses the pressures on business owners and how the focus should be on recharging and not  enduring

Katie Washbourne, HR Manager & EA at Barenbrug, shares how coaching has impacted the team’s performance


We have achieved revenue and profit growth since engaging with our coach. Our business has grown and our aims and objectives have become crystal clear. (Jane Francis, Home Instead Cambridge)

My thoughts on being the boss - Phil Budd

From the outside looking in: the personal costs of being a business owner

Being the boss is pretty awesome, right?

You can take a lunch break whenever you want, you answer to no-one, and you can give yourself a pay rise anytime you like. Now that’s a job I want!

How often have you heard this and thought – “If you only knew!”

The sleepless nights, the debt, the responsibility, not to mention the pressure of putting on a brave face and pretending everything is going great.

It’s a dark secret that thousands, if not millions, of business owners, are keeping and it’s usually considered a taboo subject because no-one wants to discuss their vulnerabilities or demonstrate weakness.

However, you’re not alone. You’re not the only one feeling this way.

According to a recent study by the National Institute of Mental Health, 72% of entrepreneurs are directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues than just 48% of non-entrepreneurs.

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on everyone’s lives, and business owners are far from immune. Despite government funding for certain sectors, the economy is precarious, and business owners are frazzled.

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Top tips

I am always recommending books and podcasts to clients, as a great way to accelerate their progress in reaching their goals from coaching.

If you are particularly interested in understanding high performance in business then take a look at:

The 7 Habits of a High Performing People – Steven Covey

Atomic Habits – James Clear

Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness – Jim Rohn

What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There – Marshall Goldsmith

Triggers – Marshall Goldsmith

Non Violent Communication- Marshall Rosenberg