As an ActionCOACH, I coach business owners to take action to deliver change, change that will help them deliver growth in their business and help them achieve their goals and dreams.

As a Coach I help you get the clarity and focus to run your business the best it can be and take your team to the next level. Sounds great in theory, right? How does this work in practice?

1. We start by setting a clear vision for you and your business
2. A 90 day plan helps break down longer term goals into smaller milestones
3. Accountability to drive the change that is needed
4. Structured coaching sessions that work through the strategies we have agreed

I’ve been coaching for three years and my clients range from micro businesses to large national companies employing 50+ staff. The coaching I offer is bespoke and tailored to the individual business needs. I relish the diversity of my clients but also love how no matter what size the business, the challenges are often similar and with the ActionCOACH coaching system there is always a strategy we can put in place to tackle them. No matter how great a business is, there is always room for change.

So what do I do as a Coach?

✓ Listening is the first step in understanding my clients goals, dreams and the challenges they face as a business owner.

✓ Asking the right questions, helps us both to understand my clients business, how it operates, so that we can then identify where improvements can be made.

✓ Holding my clients to account is all about ensuring the plan of action that we have put together actually happens and my clients reach their goals and dream.

A given is that along the way we will have a lot of fun.

I run a variety of coaching programmes, from 121 coaching to group coaching and quarterly planning sessions. Coaching isn’t for everyone and for those that do want coaching, it is important to select the right Coach for you.

If you are open to new learnings, and feel you and your business could be doing better, I would love to hear from you.

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